Now I Know Mendeley

Organized by Nuskhan Abid as Mendeley Advisor on July 29 and August 12, 2020, a workshop series on Mendeley reference management was attended by students of theĀ  Arabic Language Education Department and English Education Department Students of IAIN Kudus. The event which was carried out through the zoom meeting was successful and received a good response from the participants.

This event aims to introduce Mendeley to students who are starting to write their final project. Starting from the registration process on the website, installing Mendeley on a computer, and introducing the basic features of Mendeley. Most of the participants had never known Mendeley before. One of participant said that it was his first time to know Mendeley and was delighted he could organize references and create bibliographies easily. He said he would continue to use Mendeley when working on college assignments.

The event also discussed about Mendeley account registration, intalling mendeley desktop, microsoft word plugin, add annotation, set citation style, and also creating bibliography.



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